Internship available : Numerical Simulation for Cryotherapy


  • Research Team: SHACRA
  • Location: Strasbourg, IHU
  • Supervisor HDR: Stéphane Cotin
  • Co-supervisor: Hugo Talbot



In our research team SHACRA, we develop interactive simulations targeting the training of medical students, pre-operative planning or per-operative guidance for surgeons. These simulations model the physiological behavior of the human body.

Within our partnership with the IHU Strasbourg, we develop innovative tools for interventional radiologists. The interventional radiology is the medical field treating diseases using different type of imaging (Xray, MRI…). We are more precisely focusing on the cryoablation procedure. This methods consists in inserting several cryo-needles inside the tumor, decompressing a gaz (argon) to freeze the tumor until cellular death (apoptosis). When the tumor is large, several needles must be used but the planning of the procedure requires a lot of experience.

We therefore develop a planification tool to better anticipate the effect of the cryo-needles before the operation. This represents a real challenge and would greatly help surgeons.


  • Development of an interactive tool allowing to optimize the placement of needles in a 3D environment
  • Labelization/segmentation of the blood vessels in CT scans. Tools are already available in our simulation platform SOFA
  • A part of the internship will involve experiments in order to compare results with experimental data


This internship is located in Strasbourg, at IHU and assumes a collaboration with the NHC hospital in Strasbourg

Do not hesitate to contact me for any further details !
See you in Strasbourg !

Illustration of the cryoablation procedure

Illustration of the cryoablation procedure


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